Unicorns, Almost will be part of the events commemorating the 75th anniversary of D Day in Bayeux, Normandy. 

Wednesday 05 June 2019 to Sunday 09 June 2019

Location: Bayeux, Salle Toulouse-Lautrec

Open: from 9am to 9pm daily (see below for performance times)

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Based on the play by Owen Sheers about the life and work of WW2 poet and D-Day veteran Keith Douglas.

Unicorns, Almost tells the life story of Keith Douglas from his early childhood, to his fighting in the Western desert as a tank commander, accelerated education as a poet to his early death three days after the D-Day landings in Normandy at age 24.

It is the story of one man’s Faustian pact with a war, which would both gift his unique and penetrating poetic voice, but then also take it away.

Written by Owen Sheers (Pink Mist) Unicorns, Almost conjures Douglas back into confrontational existence with an audience. Echoing the frequent direct address of his poems, Douglas’s pressure to speak to us is twofold: a desire to remind us of the horrors of war and what it steals from us, and a frustration that despite having seen his poems into print they have remained, for the last 70 years, largely unread.

Practical Information

5-9 June 2019
Salle Toulouse-Lautrec
23 rue des Teinturiers
14400 Bayeux
Tickets: €5

9am-9pm daily.
Audio performances start at 10am, 12 noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm, and run for 60 minutes. At 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 7pm the exhibition with soundscape is open for 45mins.

Tickets are for a single entry. The theatre/exhibition space is emptied and closed 15 minutes before the audio performances start. Those who enter for the audio performance can stay on to take in the exhibition, or visitors can enter the exhibition only. New tickets must be purchased for re-entry.

Entry limited to to 50 people at any one time.
Wheelchair access and suitable blind/visually impaired visitors.

Please note that the audio is in English. Printed material will be available in French.

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Press & veterans night: Wednesday 5 June 2019, 8pm at Salle Toulouse Lautrec and afterwards at Hotel Lion D’or for drinks and Q&A with Owen Sheers (Writer) and John Retallack (Director). Please email info@thestoryofbooks.com if you would like to attend.

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