Nick Bell designed the visual identity for UNICORNS, ALMOST and we’re all absolutely delighted with the result.

The background collages uses material from the Keith Douglas archive in Leeds University Library Special Collections.

Gills Sans and Albertus  are both pre-WWII typefaces that Keith Douglas would have been familiar with. Albertus was used by the Ministry of Information during the war period, and Gills Sans has a local connection as designer Eric Gill used to live in the Black Mountains, at Capel-y-Fin, just a few miles above Hay.

Albertus was designed from 1932-1940 by Berthold Wolpe. Gill Sans was designed in 1926. Both were developed for Monotype and produced in the early years of when Stanley Morrison was their typographic consultant. Albertus featured in the reference photographs from the Keith Douglas archive, on the cover of Augury: an Oxford Miscellany of Verse & Prose.


Augury was published in 1940 by Oxford Basil Blackwell

Follow the process and elements of the UNICORNS, ALMOST visual identity design here, in the ‘kit of parts’ supplied by Nick Bell:

Unicorns_Kit of PartsJPG.jpg

Unicorns_Kit of Parts1.jpg


The background collage design by Nick Bell has also been used by Faber & Faber for the cover of the play script of UNICORNS, ALMOST, which is published by Faber Plays this

Unicorns_Kit of Parts4

Nick Bell reports on this design job on his website here.

Next up on the blog, see a video of the limited edition letterpress poem sheet that will be given out at the end of the show. It has been designed, set in metal type and printed by Graham Moss of Incline Press.

Buy your tickets for UNICORNS, ALMOST here. The show opens on 24th May in Hay-on-Wye.

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